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Here’s something you don’t see everyday. No, I don’t mean seeing an Heiress with an outrageously priced, yet remarkably amazing, designer Hermes handbag, (I actually DO see that everyday!). I mean, the color of this Hermes bag. Yes, grey. Well, not JUST grey. This is a grey Hermes crocodile Birkin, and I am pretty sure that I have never seen one in this color before! I always love when I see something that I haven’t come across before, especially since I do spend a lot of time looking at designer handbags, so I suppose you can forgive me for my excitement!

Many times when I see a crocodile Birkin clutched by a celebrity, it is mostly in a more popular hue, such as black, beige or brown. I think that a grey handbag is perfect for this fall weather, since it is de-saturated, but still has that light quality to it. I really like the Birkin crocodile bags when they are in unexpected colors, since many of the usual suspects can get quite boring after a while. SO here you have it, a picture of the infamous grey crocodile Birkin, featured above, being carried by the very wealthy, Tamara Ecclestone.

If you are also looking for a great crocodile Hermes handbag to wear on your own arm this fall, perhaps you should check out Hermes replica handbags! A replica Hermes, like this one, are a great way for those of us who love designer fashion, but can’t afford the hefty designer price. to get the same look without breaking the bank! Don’t worry, replica Hermes handbags made with the same top quality materials as the real thing, so you really don’t have to sacrifice style, even when shopping on a budget!

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