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Ripped straight from the headlines, Taylor Armstrong from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is being examined under the microscope and edgily has committed fraud for over $1.5 million. Although these are pretty serious allegations, and I am not completely up to speed with this case, I am more interested in something else that the reality star has been accused of. Since Armstrong’s assets were liquidated, which included her designer handbag collection, we are learning more and more about the financial mirage that she and her late husband have been hiding behind. In summation, in turns out that Taylor’s Birkin collection are actually chalk full of replica handbags.

Although there are many people that are surprised by this news, I am not one of them. I have always been behind the replica Hermes handbags movement, simply because the originals are so overpriced. They have not released how they have figured out that her bags are replica Birkins, however I am not at all judging her. She has been living in a world where material status is the most important thing, so I really don’t blame her for her choice to go for Hermes replica handbags. In order to save face, Taylor will most likely claim that she wasn’t aware that these designer bags were replica Hermes Birkins, and that they were a gift from her husband.

Whether you are for or against this topic, Hermes handbags are the ultimate status symbol and I am not one bit upset that she would want to get the same design for less money. So if you agree with this statement, and are looking for your own replica Birkin, you can get my pick here or you can browse the site for other great replica designer handbags of your choosing.

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